What you need to know about CBD

In the age of CBD-infused everything, there’s a lot to understand before you start to mellow out.

What you need to know about CBD

In the age of CBD-infused everything, there’s a lot to understand before you start to mellow out.

First, the basics

CBD stands for cannabidiol.

It’s the laid back sister to Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka, THC.

These are two of over a hundred chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that stem—pun intended—from the cannabis plant.

Unlike THC, CBD comes without habit-forming and psychoactive properties, which have it made it appealing to those looking for pain, inflammation and other relief without any mind-altering effects.

CBD’s health benefits are vast and require much more studying, but we know one thing:

You don’t want to skimp on quality

Lack of regulations

Unfortunately, this budding industry took off so quickly, there aren’t many regulations in place to control the manufacturing process.

Despite all the positive buzz, almost everyone can agree that the scam-artists trying to cash in on the boom make trying CBD and deciding if it’s right for you much more complicated.

High quality CBD is expensive

Companies that want to offer cheaper prices are likely using dodgy extraction methods and toxic solvents to siphon out the CBD and sourcing their hemp plants from cheap, polluted soil.

So before you clink glasses to a walk-in closet full of pain-free tranquility, are you asking your product’s CBD vendor where they source their hemp from and how they produce it?

Here are 3 simple steps to check the quality of the CBD you are buying

Step 1

Ask about any additives or fillers

  • Since there’s no oversight on the extraction process, many companies that sell CBD cheaply use shabby methods that require toxic solvents like butane, mexane, propane and pentane to extract the oil. These are inevitably mixed in.

  • Look for companies using organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol or supercritical C02 extraction to keep your CBD oil pure and toxin-free.

Step 2

Find out where the hemp is from

  • Since farmers can make up to $30k per acre of hemp, they’re clearing a lot of land to make it happen.

  • Cheap farm land can be rich in heavy metals like mercury and lead, which means hyperaccumulating plants (like hemp) will soak them up and these impurities end up in your CBD.

Step 3

Check for independent lab tests

  • Make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Any CBD brand worth buying will provide third-party lab results to their consumers.

  • Click here to view our latest CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA).

A lot of CBD out there is giving the quality stuff a bad rap.

Lucky for you, we found the good stuff

We sampled and tested 42 options before finding our organic, nanoemulsified, hemp-based, "as flavorless as CBD can be", slam dunk.

Organically grown in Colorado

We use organic regentiverate hemp plants grown in Colorado.

High bioavailability, nano-emulsified and water soluble

Because we ionize CBD’s molecular size, we get a higher bioavailability than a raw isolate or oil. Our manufacturing process makes our nano-emulsified CBD completely water soluble. Your GI tract can rapidly absorb this stuff more than, say, a tincture of mid-grade CBD.

Harsh chemical and petroleum free

We don’t extract our CBD with the industry standard of harsh chemicals and petroleum-based synthetic solvents. With Buoy + CBD, you’re getting an organic CBD without the synthetic, toxic stuff.

Organic tapioca

Instead of adding artificial fillers like maltodextrin, we opted for a pricier (and healthier) option with organic tapioca.

A+ from independent labs

We pass independent lab tests for impurities, THC levels and effectiveness with flying colors. Our CBD is third party tested by Pure Analytics.


What would a Buoy + CBD product be if we didn’t make it as tasteless in your drink as it physically can get.

Small batch manufacturing for quality

We’ve got quality control on lock. Unlike most CBD manufacturers, ours is made in small batches.

Top-shelf stuff

Our CBD is rich in cannabinoids, terpenoids and essential fatty acids.

We infused our third-party verified, nano-emulsified, organic CBD into our flavorless hydration formula. Now, you get world class hydration and 5 milligrams of the highest-quality CBD in just a half-second squeeze.

Easy Squeezy Hemp CBD

Give it a squeeze.
You don’t need to have a chronic condition to enjoy CBD. Some people just like the way it makes them feel.

When you’re focusing less on the weight of your worries and what’s ailing you, you can focus on the important things.

Things like kicking ass in the workplace, taking names in the gym or sending fire memes. Whatever revs your engine.

Everyone could use more hydration in their lives, but for those looking for something extra, we made Buoy + CBD.

Try Buoy + CBD in your iced coffee or your post-work glass (read: half bottle) of red wine and find the sweet spot that works for you.

Consult your doctor if you’re thinking about avidly using the stuff. They’re only here to help. And, if you don’t know by now, so are we.
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