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Staying properly hydrated is the bedrock to any health and wellness goal. Unfortunately, three out of four Americans are chronically dehydrated, according the CDC.

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When feeling dehydrated, 2 in 3 people opt for medication — not water!


Losing as little as 2% of key electrolytes and fluids can significantly impair physical and mental performance. When you exercise, you lose 6-10%.


At universities in East London and Westminster, students who hydrated while taking an exam improved their scores by 5% over their dried-out classmates.


Even the healthiest of people show mood changes when mildly dehydrated.

In men, dehydration promotes feelings of anxiety and nervousness; in women, sluggishness and brain fog are more common.

You lose electrolytes from basically existing: working out, commuting, drinking coffee, happy hours, being outside when it’s hot and even sleeping.

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It’s more complicated than that.
Hydration is comprised of two parts.





There’s water in most drinks—even milk.

Water alone isn’t electrolyte dense.

Without enough electrolytes and minerals in your diet, you won't be using the water you're already drinking efficiently.

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Buoy’s baseline hydration formula

Our medical team formulated Buoy to transform any beverage into a deeply hydrating, wellness-forward refreshment.

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Principal Electrolytes

85% of an average American’s salt intake comes from nutrient sparse sources like “table” and “mined”. These salts are processed and often include anti-clumping and bleaching agents for aesthetics.

Buoy’s principle electrolytes—sodium, chloride and potassium—come from our all-natural, nutrient dense sea salt we searched the globe to find.

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87 Ionic Trace Minerals

Modern agricultural practices have stripped the Earth's soil of these essential minerals, making them harder to obtain through food alone.

Think of ionic trace minerals as the energy-bunny nutrients that support optimal cardiovascular, nervous system and cognitive functioning.

Even minor deficiencies can impact your ability to absorb and use nutrients.

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Vitamins B1, B5 and B6

Not only are B vitamins important for raising our natural energy levels, but they also play a key role in keeping us hydrated.

Vitamin B1, specifically, supports routine electrolyte function in our body so we can get the most out of those essential minerals.

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Organic Herbal Extracts

We use our organic herbal extracts for a robust dose of antioxidants as well as their vital role as natural preservatives.

Most hydration products on the market either use preservatives like citric acid grown on mold in laboratories or artificial ingredients with detrimental health effects.

  • Traditional hydration products offset electrolytes’ naturally bitter taste with high sugar counts and alternative sweeteners. You’re getting the small amount of glucose you need already in your diet.

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Why we chose drops: Fast absorption

Hydration is a turtle’s race—slow and steady wins. Our hydrating wellness drops are designed for safe, effective all-day use unlike the large, single-servings you get with other form factors.

Buoy’s liquid-soluble form factor and full-spectrum nutrition panel get to work quickly helping you hydrate and remineralize at the cellular level.

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More Motivation

Peak Performance

Sharper Focus

Better Moods

Shorter Recoveries

Clearer Minds

Smoother Skin

More Motivation

Peak Performance

Sharper Focus

Better Moods

Shorter Recoveries

Clearer Minds

Smoother Skin

Meet the drops

40 servings and the electrolytes of 13 sports drinks per bottle. No sugar, sweeteners, artificial ingredients or calories.

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