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Easy squeezy

Easy squeezy

Life sucks the life out of you.
Squeeze it back in.

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Turn any drink into a sports drink

We worked with our pharmaceutical experts to make all-natural, effective hydration flavorless in any drink.

0 sugar, 0 calories

40 servings in each bottle

One half-second squeeze per drink

Each bottle is recyclable and made with 85% post consumer recycled materials.

Life sucks the life out you. Squeeze it back in.

Life sucks the life out you. Squeeze it back in.

We like squeezing into iced coffee, pilsners, protein shakes, green goddess smoothies, California cabs, Diet Cokes and water (or as the French say, La Croix).

Hear from people that have already squeezed.
371 Reviews

Using it in everything now

Coffee, smoothies, water, and tea! I felt a difference after about 2 weeks of using it consistently.
Daniel R

We just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

My daughter was recently diagnosed with POTS. She was taking 4L of smart water to school each day because she needs to stay extra hydrated to avoid passing out. With buoy, she can now take just 1L of water and add buoy into it. It has been awesome. She has even added it to a Gatorade.
Michelle A

Vacation hero

Took on a trip to Belize. Great during the day for hikes and beating the heat. Even better at night for fighting hangovers! Tastes great in beer :)
Meg C

I tried it in my soup

Once you start using Buoy in most of your drinks, you’ll end up trying to add it into other things too. I wouldn’t recommend yogurt, but works well in soup!
Jesse E.

Startup warrior!

Once we added it to our coffee, it was game over for us. It only takes a small squirt to work. Also fun to squirt at your coworkers during meetings.
Sarah H

The best for Keto

This is what you need for people on the Keto diet looking to beat the keto flu. All the other ones taste like you’re taking a gulp out of the pacific.
Kadeem R

Squeezing back in what life takes out.

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