Best Electrolyte Drink for Your Daily Hydration Needs

Stay effortlessly hydrated by adding the latest innovation in electrolyte supplements to your daily routine.

When it comes to daily hydration, not all electrolytes are created equal. Supercharge your hydration like never before with Buoy’s uniquely unflavored, sugar-free, and bioavailable hydration drops. Designed for the movers, the shakers, and everyone in between.

What Makes The Perfect Electrolyte Drink

Common Electrolyte Options And Their Flaws

Our Electrolyte Solution for Optimal Hydration

How Buoy Complements Every Lifestyle

Easy Ways To Incorporate Buoy Into Your Daily Routine

Plus, a sneak peek of our favorite electrolyte drink that takes your everyday hydration to the next level!

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Formulated for Optimal Hydration

Hydration Drops
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 3441 reviews
Hydration Drops


The easiest and healthiest way to get your hydrating electrolytes and minerals in without the sugar, sweeteners or flavors.

One month supply
Ocean Electrolytes + 87 Ionic Trace Minerals
Hydrate for less than $1/day + 100% Money Back Guarantee
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The Quest for the Best Electrolyte Drink

In a world that never stops moving, the importance of staying hydrated can't be overstated. Whether you're an athlete pushing the limits, a busy professional juggling meetings and deadlines, or simply someone who enjoys kicking back with a good book, everyone can benefit from optimal hydration. But let's face it—not all electrolyte drinks meet the mark.

The quest for the ideal electrolyte solution is a universal one, but the market is flooded with options that often miss the boat. Some are overloaded with sugar, effectively negating any hydration benefits. Others taste like you're licking a salt block. And let's not even talk about those with ingredients you can't pronounce.

That's where Buoy comes in, standing leagues above the rest. We offer a superior electrolyte drink that hits every checkmark:

✓ Efficacy
✓ Taste
✓ Ease Of Use
✓ Versatility

No more choosing between taste and health, or deciphering a laundry list of ingredients. With Buoy, you get uncompromised, all-around hydration designed to cater to every lifestyle and need.

Navigating Through Common Electrolyte Drink Options

🍬The Sugary Trap

First up, let's talk about the elephant in the room—sugar. While a sugary drink might promise to boost your energy and keep you hydrated, the reality is a little less sweet. Excess sugar can lead to energy crashes and, ironically, dehydration, not to mention long-term health risks like obesity and diabetes.

🎨The Artificial Abyss

If it's not sugar, it's artificial sweeteners and flavors—another pitfall in common electrolyte drink options. Sure, that neon-blue beverage might look enticing, but artificial additives do nothing for your hydration and can even have negative effects on your overall well-being.

🐎The One-Trick Ponies

Some electrolyte drinks might excel in one area—like taste or quick hydration—but fall short in others. Maybe they boost your energy temporarily but are inconvenient to carry around. Or perhaps they taste great but offer limited efficacy, making you question if it's any better than regular water.

😐Limited Efficacy

Last but not least, many common electrolyte drinks offer a limited range of electrolytes and minerals, making them less effective for full-spectrum hydration. In simpler terms, they don't bring much to the table when you need a balanced intake of essentials to truly recharge.

And that's why Buoy is different. We're not just another electrolyte drink; we're a holistic hydration solution that addresses all these pitfalls, offering a sugar-free, hassle-free, and highly effective way to keep your body in balance.

When it comes to hydration, the options seem endless. A quick stroll down the beverage aisle or a quick search online, and you're bombarded with a kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, and brand names all promising to quench your thirst and recharge your body. But how do you sift through the marketing hype to find what truly works?

Presenting Buoy: A Revolution in Electrolyte Drinks

Meet Buoy: not just another drop in the ocean of electrolyte drinks but a tidal wave of change. We heard you. You're tired of choosing between taste and health, convenience and efficacy. That's why we designed Buoy—an unparalleled, potent, sugar-free electrolyte solution that's making waves in the industry.

Clean & Pure For Optimal Hydration:

✓ 0 Sugar
✓ 0 Calories & Carbs
✓ 0 Sweeteners, Flavors
✓ Deep Ocean Electrolytes
✓ 87+ Ionic Trace Minerals
✓ Energy-Boosting B Vitamin Complex

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Hydration Drops
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 3441 reviews
Hydration Drops

Deeply hydrate and remineralize with any drink.

Energy Drops
Rated 4.6 out of 5
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Energy Drops

No-jitters, calming energy stacked with fast-acting hydration.

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3-in-1 immune support stacked with fast-acting hydration.

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Daily Wellness Bundle

All three Hydrating Wellness Drops in one go.

Why Buoy Qualifies as the Best Electrolyte Drink Option

When it comes to daily hydration, the choices are plenty but the truly remarkable options are few. So why settle for less when you can go for the best? Here's the breakdown of why Buoy is in a league of its own.

🎯Potency with a Purpose

When we say potent, we mean business. Loaded with 87 ionic trace minerals, essential vitamins, and a carefully balanced blend of electrolytes, Buoy ensures you stay fully charged and optimally hydrated. We're talking full-spectrum hydration that keeps you at your peak, whether you're running a marathon or watching a Netflix marathon.

🚫Freedom from Sugar

Let's face it, no one needs more sugar in their lives. We've nixed the sweet stuff without compromising on performance. With Buoy, you hydrate smarter, not harder, allowing you to focus on living your best life, sugar-free and carefree.

🍃Understated Yet Unforgettable

Who says powerful has to be flashy? We've stripped away the artificial flavors and colors, leaving you with an unflavored and transparent solution that effortlessly complements any beverage. Want to add it to your morning coffee? Go for it. Your post-workout shake? Absolutely. Even your evening cocktail? Why not!

In short, Buoy is more than a product—it's a movement. A shift away from the loud, sugary, one-trick-pony drinks of yesterday, and toward a future of straightforward, effective, all-day hydration. Welcome aboard, your better hydration journey starts now.


How Buoy Complements Every Lifestyle

In a world where one-size-fits-all rarely ever fits, Buoy shines as the quintessential hydration companion adaptable to every lifestyle. Here's how Buoy seamlessly blends into different walks of life, elevating hydration without ever skipping a beat:

📈The Busy Professional

Meet Jake, a consultant always on the move. Jet lag and long meetings used to dehydrate him until he discovered Buoy. A quick squeeze into his morning coffee and afternoon tea keeps him alert and hydrated, ready to tackle any challenge.

🏋️‍♀️The Fitness Enthusiast

Ashley, a dedicated CrossFitter, used to struggle with muscle cramps. Adding Buoy to her water bottle has not only enhanced her hydration but also improved her performance and recovery. Now, she can focus on setting new personal records, not rehydrating.

👨‍👩‍👧The Parent On-the-Go

Juggling school runs, errands, and work leaves little time for mindful hydration. Emma, a busy mom, loves how Buoy fits into her chaotic schedule. A squeeze into her iced latte or the family’s juice ensures everyone stays hydrated without any fuss.

📚The College Student

Tim used to survive on energy drinks and coffee, leading to inevitable crashes. Buoy has been a game-changer. It effortlessly infuses into his study beverages, enhancing focus without the sugar highs and lows.

🧘‍♀️The Wellness Guru

Maya, a wellness coach, recommends Buoy to her clients for its 87 ionic trace minerals and vitamins. For her, Buoy represents holistic wellness—a simple way to balance hydration while practicing mindfulness.

🏄‍♂️The Adventure Junkie

Rock climbing, surfing, you name it—Chris is all about the adrenaline. He was on a constant quest for effective hydration that could keep up with his adventures. Buoy’s portability and quick action fit right into his on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether you're clocking in extra hours at work or chasing sunsets on a mountain, Buoy makes sure your hydration game is on point, without adding unnecessary sugars or flavors.

Easy Ways to Incorporate Buoy into Your Daily Hydration Routine


☕Morning Joe with a Twist

Coffee may be your go-to morning elixir, but it's no secret it can be dehydrating. A quick squeeze of Buoy can turn your cup of joe into a hydrating powerhouse. Now, that's how you start the day off right!

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🏋️‍♀️Workout Wonder

Do you hit the gym or trail for your daily dose of endorphins? Ditch the sugary sports drinks, and add Buoy to your water bottle. Trust us; your muscles will thank you.

Hydrate and Support

🍹Midday Mocktails

Feeling that midday slump? Create a refreshing mocktail with club soda, a splash of lemon, and a squeeze of Buoy. It's like a tropical vacation in a glass, minus the sugar and calories.

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🍓Smoothie Boost

If smoothies are your jam, adding Buoy will only make them better. Buoy’s 87 ionic trace minerals and vitamins will elevate your smoothie game to pro levels. Blend it up!

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🍵Evening Wind-Down

As the day comes to an end, perhaps you unwind with herbal tea or even a glass of wine. A squirt of Buoy in either will ensure you stay hydrated while you relax and recharge for another day.

Boost Your Defenses

💦Anytime, Anywhere

And let's not forget, Buoy is so versatile, you can literally add it to any drink, hot or cold. Keep a bottle in your bag, your car, or your office desk. Whenever you sip, give it a squeeze.

Elevate Your Well-Being
"Life is better hydrated!"

"Achieve peak hydration while improving your digestive health, your mood, and even your skin—all thanks to these nourishing drops."
"Best for daily use."

“One of my favorite electrolyte supplements to recommend is Buoy Hydration Drops because they're purposefully sugar-, sweetener-, and flavor-free and use sea salt as the main electrolyte source."
"Hydration is so important for health, digestion, and training and performance."

– Lexi Moriarty, M.S. R.D, C.S.S.D. in Men’s Health

"It's purposefully unflavored which means sugar-free, stevia, and sweetener-free, so it makes for a great option that you can use daily or even multiple times per day."

Hydration will never be the same

The hydration drops were amazing. I was able to feel hydrated throughout my busy day. Great supplement to add to your daily routine!

- Jonah C.

Instantly a big fan

I’ve been searching for a hydration boost product that wasn’t packed with sugar or stevia or monk fruit, and I finally found it! Instantly a big fan

- Alex, Marathon Runner

I feel better than ever

I've long struggled with thyroid issues, constantly battling low energy. With Buoy, I feel better than ever. Lifetime customer here!

– Jordan W.
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Unlike conventional electrolyte drinks that compromise on ingredients, taste, or efficacy, Buoy brings the best of all worlds. Our unique formulation consists of deep-sea electrolytes, 87 ionic trace minerals, and plant-powered vitamins—all without sugar, artificial additives, or any hidden nasties.

Buoy is specifically designed to be unflavored, allowing you to add it to any beverage without altering its original taste. Additionally, our premium ingredients mix seamlessly into liquids, so you get all the benefits of optimal hydration without any downsides.

Absolutely! The unflavored nature of Buoy makes it a versatile hydration partner. Feel free to add it to your morning coffee, midday smoothie, or even your post-workout shake. The options are limitless.

Buoy is vegan and contains no animal byproducts. It’s also sugar-free and calorie-free and contains no sweeteners or artificial flavors, making it suitable for a wide range of diets and lifestyles, including keto diets and diabetes.

Integrating Buoy into your daily routine is as simple as it gets. Our convenient, on-the-go packaging lets you to easily add a squeeze of Buoy to your drinks throughout the day. Whether it's your morning coffee or a glass of water during a workout, Buoy’s got your hydration needs covered.

Clean hydration for whole-body health


All Day Energy


Nutrient Absorption

Healthy Gut Biome




Lifted Moods


Radiant Skin