It’s easier than you think.

Hydrate for 21 days with Buoy and win a free Anti-Yellow Pee Club dad hat!

Track your progress on your calendar. Share you’re filled out calendar on Instagram or TikTok on day 21 using #AntiYellowPeeClub and we’ll send the dad hat in your next order.

Don’t worry, we’ll text you along the way.

Now, start playing.
Smileys track your days 🙂
Use the smileys to keep track of each day you added Buoy into at least three drinks. Because we’re nice, we’ll give you three strikes for any days you don’t. Scout’s honor 🤝🏿.
Add the drinks you hydrate with 🍺
Choose the drinks you added Buoy to. Start fresh each day. When you share your final post, make sure you showoff which drinks you hydrated with on your last day!
Keep track of your stream 💦
Hey, what’re we all about anyway? Clearer pee is the easiest way to tell how hydrated you are on a daily basis.
Share it to win! 📱
Once you’ve made it through your 21 days, share your filled out calendar to win your hat!
Hydration will look great on you

A healthier, hydrated, energized and clear-minded you is only a squeeze away with @BuoyHydration