We’re Buoy

We’re a startup with a mission to make hydrating easier and healthier and to give back to communities that need clean, effective hydration the most.


We’re Buoy

We’re a startup with a mission to make hydrating easier and healthier and to give back to communities that need clean, effective hydration the most.


Hydration needed a makeover

We saw a lot of room for improvement in hydration products. Staying properly hydrated is the pivotal foundation for maintaining good health. With three out of four Americans being chronically dehydrated, you think some of these would be a no-brainer.

Artificial ingredients and high sugar counts


  • Traditional sports drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners and ingredients to offset electrolytes’ naturally bitter taste.
  • The FDA recommends 26 grams of sugar per day. You can eclipse the recommended value in just one sports drink.


  • We changed that. No sugar. No calories. And we never will.

Something convenient, please?


  • Most hydration supplements only work when you add them to water.
  • In tablet form, some can take two minutes to dissolve; with powder packets, you dump in and stir—careful not to spill :).
  • Others are only found in the baby aisle of your pharmacy.


  • We wanted to hydrate with every drink—even alcohol and coffee.
  • We wanted hydration immediately, without waiting or stirring.
  • We wanted to taste the drinks we’re drinking. We didn’t want Buoy to change that.
  • And wanted something small enough to fit in a purse. Something we can take on a plane. To a music festival. Out on the town with friends. And to work.

Hydration’s aesthetic was off-point


  • Between being marketed to babies and having a gas station energy drink appeal, hydration products haven’t been sexy since 2004.
  • Other brands lean too hard on the scientific look, kind of like you’re picking up a prescription.
  • And some we just don’t trust because they come in an indiscreet tube that has an offset sticker on it.


  • We made Buoy to be more human and authentic. A fun, handheld hydration station with quality, effective ingredients that last the week. Is that making our proverbial cake and eating it too?

We play nicely with other brands

Why keep our proprietary electrolytes, B vitamins and antioxidants to ourselves when most drinks out there can benefit from clean, flavorless hydration.

We partner with companies that share our values for being transparent about their healthy, quality ingredients. Look for our Powered by Buoy logo on beers, kombucha, coffee and water.


And we’re committed to making a difference

Sure, hydration feels good, but so does giving back

One bottle donated for one sold on our website

For some, access to clean water isn’t an option. For others, staying hydrated is a chronic health concern. And in between, we have communities that don’t have healthy options to beat the heat or replenish electrolytes without all the bad stuff.

That’s why we donate to local organizations, nonprofits, and support people managing chronic illnesses.

  • 114,000 servings of hydration donated to Covid-19 frontline healthcare heroes
  • Fueled 400 athletes to paddle 80 miles from the Bahamas to Florida to spread awareness for Cystic Fibrosis

Carbon neutral and working towards #NoNewPlastics

We’re carbon neutral and will continue to pay to offset all of our emissions.

Instead of one packet per serving like other hydration supplements, we jammed 40 servings into one.

Every Buoy bottle is made of 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material.

However you choose to do it, stay hydrated

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