Our Story Makes for a Good Story

Our Story Makes for a Good Story

Hydration needed a makeover

We saw a lot of room for improvement in hydration products. Traditional sports drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients and high sugar counts. We changed that.

No sugar. No calories. Never will.

Buoy leans hard into what makes us human and authentic. Hydration, made for the everyday and everywhere and cute enough for Instagram.

Sit back, relax and grab a drink while you read our story

Pharmaceutical experts, a philanthropic business model, sustainable initiatives, inspiring customer experiences, collaborations with like-minded brands and a nerdy team of calculated entrepreneurs: that’s Buoy.

Thirsty for more? Let’s talk!

We’re benevolent. We’re light-hearted. We’re well-read. And we’re hydrated.

For media requests, connect with us at hello@justaddbuoy.com.

For additional opportunities, connect with our CEO and Founder Daniel Schindler at daniel@justaddbuoy.com or (314) 230-5106.
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