Spotting Severe Dehydration Symptoms: How to Stay Hydrated

Spotting Severe Dehydration Symptoms: How to Stay Hydrated

Chances are you’ve been dehydrated before, but let us dive a little deeper into chronic dehydration, severe dehydration, and the importance of balancing our fluids. Staying hydrated and maintaining proper hydration is vital and essential for our well-being and for our physical body. Having insufficient fluid intake can cause dehydration which can lead to many symptoms such as thirst, dry mouth, nausea, reduced cognitive function, dizziness, headaches, and so much more. 

Thankfully there are tons of ways to support your body to better manage hydration, such as Buoy Hydration drops!

Essential Takeaways
  • Hydration's Role: Dehydration, caused by insufficient fluid intake, can lead to serious health issues, from dizziness to organ failure. Regular water intake is crucial, with humans being around 60% water.
  • Electrolytes & Balance: Electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, are vital for maintaining fluid balance in the body. Imbalances can lead to dehydration and health emergencies.
  • Hydration Drops: These drops, packed with essential electrolytes and 87 trace minerals, can enhance any beverage, ensuring proper hydration and counteracting dehydration's adverse effects.

Buoy’s beverage enhancer drops are easy to use, transport and insert into your personal routine, and help you avoid severe dehydration signs and symptoms.

Exploring the Importance of Hydration and the Consequences of Dehydration - Why is water so essential for our bodies?

Water is one of the most essential parts of our bodies, in fact, humans are made up of almost 60% water, so as I’m sure you can imagine it’s paramount that you stay on track with your hydration levels. Water can help regulate body temperature, protect your vital organs and systems, flush out waste, and prevent severe dehydration symptoms. Water also helps distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Every single person needs to attain, retain, and maintain proper hydration, not only is it what’s best for your health, but it sets the tone for your entire body. 

- The consequences of dehydration

Dehydration occurs when less fluid is being taken in than what is being expelled. Symptoms of dehydration can range from mild to extremely dangerous and can lead to reduced cognitive function as well as physical consequences. Keep an eye out for severe dehydration signs such as >- Diarrhea

- Vomiting/Nausea

- Dark or reduced urine

- Frequent urge to urinate

- Sweating, fevers, chills

- Shakiness and weakness

- Fainting

- Dizziness

- Dry mouth

- Anxiety

- Headaches and cramping of muscles

In extreme circumstances, dehydration can lead to organ failure, seizures, and even heart attacks. Women typically need 9 cups of water daily, and men usually need about 12 cups daily. Water is life-saving self-care you have the power to manage with ease. I encourage you to reflect on your body and needs so that you’ll be able to start managing your hydration now. Better late than never as they say!

- Factors that can affect hydration needs by individual

There are many factors in our lives that can alter our fluid intake needs. These can range from personal demographics to climate, and everything in between. Keep in mind that some factors that affect hydration needs could include,

- Climate

- Level of physical activity

- Chronic illness / injuries

- Pregnancy, age, weight, and even gender

- Vomiting / colds / flu

- Alcohol / smoking

- Medications / supplements 

It’s important that you identify your own personal needs, or seek advice from a doctor/ nurse so that you can do what needs to be done to prevent and treat dehydration and symptoms of severe dehydration. Your entire mind, body, and soul are relying on you to do your part!

The Role of Electrolytes in Hydration and Bodily Functions

- What are electrolytes and why do they matter?

Electrolytes are minerals that have an electrical charge. Electrolytes are vital for hydration needs since they support balancing your body's fluids. Staying hydrated is needed for life itself, and without adequate electrolyte sources, we would not be able to properly prevent severe dehydration signs. Types of electrolytes include…

- Chloride - works closely with sodium.

- Sodium - causes water to move inside cells.

- Magnesium - important for enzyme reactions

- Calcium - helps regulate cell function, heart rate, and blood clotting.

- Potassium - works along with sodium to maintain water balance and acid-base, and works with calcium to regulate muscle and nerve activity.

- Phosphate - helps build/repair bones and teeth, stores energy, contracts, muscles, and enables nerve function.

When you suffer from electrolyte imbalances you could start to experience symptoms such as slowed cognitive function, slow blood clotting, lower oxygen levels, agitation, acid-balance issues, and fluid deficits, amongst many more. Electrolyte imbalance would have an effect on any system within our bodies, and it can lead to emergencies if not treated effectively. You would begin to experience symptoms of dehydration as discussed in this article as well. Electrolytes and balanced hydration are key to building a solid foundation for your overall health management and self-care routines. 

- Best food sources of electrolytes

Beyond water and fluids alone, food can also be a source of electrolytes for replenishment and maintenance. As we all know there’s more to put in our body than just fluids and water. Thankfully foods can also be a source of electrolytes and hydration for your body as well. Foods such as kale, spinach, almonds, avocados, raisins, chicken/poultry, fish, water-based fruits and veggies, milk, yogurt etc.

The Science of Hydration and How the Body Regulates Fluids

How the body regulates fluids?

Our bodies rely on our natural bodily systems and vital organs to keep us going every day. With regards to electrolytes and fluid regulation, ultimately the lymphatic system is most important.

The lymphatic system helps maintain fluid regulation in your body by collecting excess fluid waste and particulate matter from tissues and depositing them in the bloodstream. It also helps defend the body against infection by supplying disease-fighting cells called lymphocytes. The lymphatic system is also home to stem cells and bone marrow and is related to organs such as the kidneys and liver as well.

A good starting point is understanding that how much you’ll need to consume will vary based on factors such as age, gender, level of physical activity, climate, and health. For example, men may need to consume more fluids to attain healthy hydration, or an athlete would need to consume a much higher amount of fluids since they are so active which means their body is recycling fluids faster via sweat. 

In general, between 6-12 cups of water are needed to hydrate adults, and anywhere between 2-6 cups of water for kids (2-10 years old). Of course, in order for healthy hydration and proper dehydration prevention to be achieved, adequate levels of sodium, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes must also be present in their richest and most organic form possible. 

Hydration Drops and What to Consider About Them

The benefits of hydration drops in drinks

In short, we all need the proper intake of not just water or fluid, but a variety of other things in order for our bodies to function optimally and be in the best shape to get through the day ahead of us. See below for a breakdown. 

  • Fluids are necessary to prevent dehydration, and they are the medium in which you can deliver the rest of what you need for healthy hydration! Fluids such as water, organic juices, soy/almond milk, regular milk, tea, smoothies, etc are just some of the many choices I recommend for optimal hydration.  
  • Electrolytes are necessary to help with the MAINTAIN part of the process. Having good levels of electrolytes will help keep you hydrated longer, especially when physical activity is involved. 
  • Vitamins are a vital part of being able to RETAIN hydration. Your body relies on adequate vitamin levels in order to support prime performance. The vital organs and systems within the human body require vitamins as fuel so that they can do their jobs properly.  
  • Minerals are essential to our bodies ability to ATTAIN hydration. They support fast absorption, as well as supporting proper absorption of nutrients and electrolytes also. Minerals are a vital part of healthy hydration, and without them, the body lacks the fuel it needs to help get you through the days. 
  • Salt, in its most organic state and at a healthy amount. Salt is a mineral, and its health benefits are immeasurable. Our bodies need healthy sodium levels to help retain hydration and to help every single system and cell function properly. Salt is responsible for supporting our nervous system as well which is part of why it is so important for our overall well-being and health management.   

The trace minerals found in Buoy are important for every single human being, especially since about 92 percent of Americans have a mineral deficiency. Having the correct amount of these minerals and hydration in our bodies can help prevent severe dehydration signs as well as lead to; 

- Sharper focus 

- Healthy gut biome 

- Lifted mood 

- Better nutrient absorption 

- Higher libido and more balanced hormone levels 

- Better hydration and retention of necessary fluids 

- Clear urine/ pee 

- Better cognitive function 

- Reduced stress and anxiety 

Honestly, this list could go on for a really long time, since Buoy was designed specifically to help attain, maintain, and retain the necessary levels in our bodies which in turn improves every system within our body. Every single cell and system within our body is affected by hydration. 

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What to look for in hydration drops?

It’s incredibly important that what you put into your body is of the utmost quality and convenience. Buoy hydration offers multiple beverage-enhancing drops that are naturally harvested, and 3x more bio available form factor as compared to others. Buoy prioritised offering an unsweetened, unflavoured, well-balanced product that offers 87 trace minerals, harvested (not manufactured) salt source, easy to use, and prime health benefits. Ensuring you have the tools to fuel your body properly is something you can equip yourself with and add to your daily routines with ease thanks to Buoy! All three of Buoy’s hydration drops offer unique differences while working together to regulate your body's needs, and becoming part of your self-care routine and journey towards better health!

Staying Hydrated On The Go!

Staying hydrated on the go, anytime, anywhere

Buoy offers beverage enhancers that are designed to induce, maintain and balance the body’s hydration and electrolyte levels. I didn’t understand what kind of impact that has on the human body until I got Buoy Hydration for the first time. I had no idea how often I was chronically dehydrated, and how uncomfortable the severe dehydration was until I was able to find Buoy and use it as a tool to prevent dehydration signs. 

Buoy is the perfect enhancer since it has no flavour and can be added to literally any drink without altering the flavour at all. All three of their enhancing drops have unique and VERY important uses in daily life. From hydration to immunity, Buoy has your back! 

It’s as easy as a few drops in my morning coffee that line me up for the day. I always have a bottle of Buoy Hydration in my bag, that way I can stay hydrated even on the go, or when I’m out working or running errands. The ease of use alone is a stand-out feature! 

Adding a squeeze of Buoy to my drinks throughout the day is one of my lifelines. 

As we have examined the importance of healthy hydration and electrolyte regulation within our bodies, I encourage you to look out for signs of severe dehydration and prevent them from becoming a dangerous problem. Grab your Buoy, your favorite drink, and let’s move forward properly fueling our bodies and thereby avoiding chronic electrolyte imbalances and severe dehydration. Lifestyle, holistic health management, and taking care of our body and mind as an overall entity is the difference between surviving and thriving! I hope you were able to learn more about severe dehydration, the importance of proper hydration, and get some ideas about where to start! Grab some Buoy, and fluids, and remember… It’s as easy as one, two, squeeze!   

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