M Kombucha & Buoy Hydration Launch Beyond Hydration Functional Elixir

M Kombucha & Buoy Hydration Launch Beyond Hydration Functional Elixir

Buoy Hydration is at it again with another exciting product collaboration with an up-and-coming functional kombucha company out of Southern California, M Kombucha. The delicious hydration-boosted kombucha is called, 'Beyond Hydration' and it packs a functional punch!

Essential Takeaways
  • Gut health and clean, effective hydration are a match made in health and wellness heaven. Now you can get a taste with M Kombucha's Beyond Hydration!

A Meeting of the Hydration Minds

SAN DIEGO– Active and healthy lifestyle consumers who demand peak performance from sports drinks now have a new choice when it comes to hydrating after a yoga class, workout, or long run. Emerging beverage brand M Kombucha and hydration start-up, Buoy Hydration, have partnered together and are pleased to announce their high-quality, electrolyte-dense ‘Beyond Hydration’; a functional kombucha flavored with fresh, organic cold-pressed Grapefruit and Ginger. 

Molecular biologist and M Kombucha’s Co-founder, Adi Ramon, realized the beverage category was missing clean and refreshing hydration, “It made perfect sense to create a truly hydrating kombucha, one that would complement M’s existing functional beverage line designed for health-conscious and active consumers.” According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75% of Americans are dehydrated, leading to chronic illness, fatigue, and other ailments. This surprising statistic prompted the founders of Buoy Hydration and M Kombucha to collaborate and create ‘Beyond Hydration.’

M Kombucha’s ‘Beyond Hydration’ is powered by Buoy Hydration’s formula of low-sodium, all-natural, hand-harvested sea salts, including 87 micronutrients and trace minerals. Unlike other leading sports drinks and hydrating powders that lose key minerals due to processing, ‘Beyond Hydration’ is able to keep the good nutrients in while replenishing the body with natural electrolytes, B vitamins, and antioxidants – in the most refreshing way.  

Dr. Lianli Li, Ph.D., President of Gateway Pharmaceutical in St. Louis, Missouri, helped Buoy Hydration founders create their proprietary blend of electrolytes. “Dehydration prevents your brain and body from functioning properly, and most of us are living our lives under the optimal hydration level,” says Dr. Li. “The combination of M Kombucha and Buoy gives consumers the proper hydration they need, and together, ‘Beyond Hydration’ works wonders in boosting brain function and enhancing the nervous system.”    

When Water Isn't Enough

Ramon recalls a personal experience she had with ‘Beyond Hydration’ and how it positively impacted her life. “We were hiking in the desert near Ojai on a hot day, and I was drinking plenty of water, but it wasn’t enough. Later that night, I began having symptoms of severe dehydration – headache, upset stomach, fatigue, and nausea. After plenty of rest and countless glasses of water, I still wasn’t feeling better. That’s when I remembered I had brought ‘Beyond Hydration’ with us in the cooler in the car,” adds Ramon. “As soon as I drank a cold ‘Beyond Hydration,’ I could instantaneously feel the benefits by replenishing what my body had depleted, and it brought me back to life.”

Electrolytes, which are naturally bitter, can pose a challenge when it comes to taste. That explains why the founders of Buoy Hydration have meticulously spent the past three years, ensuring their hydration formula did not compromise the taste of any drink.”Americans are simply not getting the proper hydration they need. Habitually consumers reach for sugar-packed sports drinks and processed powders to help keep them refreshed without receiving the benefits of natural electrolytes,” says Buoy Hydration Co-Founder Daniel Schindler. “At Buoy, we squeeze back in what life takes out of you. Our product is all-natural and made without sugars or flavors.”

Beyond Hydration: What's Inside?

Each batch of M Kombucha’s ‘Beyond Hydration’ is made with three servings of Buoy Hydration, Fair Trade Black and Green Teas*, Purified Water, Kombucha Culture*, Fair Trade Evaporated Cane Sugar* (needed for kombucha fermentation), Cold-Pressed Grapefruit* and Ginger* (* Organic Ingredient). The Kombucha, enriched with Buoy’s Hydration formula, includes Low-Sodium Sea Minerals, Herbal Extracts*, and B Vitamins, which provide a unique and efficacious hydration elixir that no other kombucha brand offers:

All-Natural, Low-Sodium Sea Minerals
  • Electrolytes and minerals are crucial to delivering water to the body’s cells. Without enough sodium and chloride in the body, it won’t be able to balance fluids.
  • Buoy Hydration sources its natural sea salts from France. Sea salt helps healthy pH levels, balances electrolytes, supports brain, muscle, and nerve function, aids in detoxification and digestion, and prevents dehydration.
  • As an electrolyte, potassium has a positive impact on the brain, and with proper potassium levels, more oxygen will reach the brain, boosting cognitive function. Muscle cramps are common for people who don’t get enough potassium.
Antioxidants (Herbal Extracts)
  • Acacia is used for medical purposes and acts as a prebiotic to increase beneficial bacteria and is excellent for metabolic and gut health.
  • Star Anise is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C. It helps fight free radicals and is known as a natural way to fight off colds and the flu, plus it’s a digestive aid, alleviates cramps, and reduces nausea.
  • Rosemary is not only commonly found in kitchens but is an ancient medicinal herb that also aids in digestion and memory while boosting the immune system.
B Vitamins
  • Vitamin B1 is a crucial component to helping electrolytes flow in and out of cells and supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles.
  • Vitamin B5 helps sharpen memory and reduces brain fog, and produces acetylcholine, which functions as a neurotransmitter that helps the brain and nervous system function.
  • Vitamin B6 is needed for neuron transmission in your brain and helps serotonin production, which improves brain performance and mood.

About M Kombucha

Founded in San Diego, California, M Kombucha is passionate about elevating people’s health and well-being through delicious and refreshing functional beverages designed to meet today’s consumer needs. The Company is devoted to sustainable, organic, and Fair Trade practices and collaborates with specialty companies to add efficacious formulations to their craft beverages. M is taking Kombucha to the next level with ingredients like probiotic spores, prebiotic fiber, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and botanicals while staying committed to taste and ultimate enjoyment. Visit mkombucha.com to find retail locations in CA or to order online.

About Buoy Hydration

With Buoy, hydration is just a half-second squeeze away. Buoy’s mission is to hydrate the 75% of chronically dehydrated Americans and give back to the communities that need clean, effective hydration. For every bottle sold, Buoy gives back to verified 501(c)3 nonprofits. Buoy believes in the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Part of creating a sustainable business means sourcing the best ingredients that give people who use Buoy robust, functional health benefits. Additionally, Buoy is Carbon Neutral and uses 100% of post-consumer recycled materials for each bottle.



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