Easy Squeezy Electrolytes — Make every kind of drink more hydrating without changing its taste in just a half-second squeeze.

Each 2-ounce bottle has the hydration of 13 sports drinks and 40 servings.

  • 0 sugar. 0 calories.
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • 75% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials and Offset Emissions
  • Buy One, Give One
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Buoy’s ingredients are all-natural. Our bottles are made from 75% post-consumer recycled materials. We offset our shipping emissions. We donate one bottle for every bottle purchased on our website.

We’re fed up with artificial ingredients and high sugar counts

Traditional sports drinks add artificial flavoring and an ice cream scoop’s worth of sugar to offset electrolytes naturally bitter taste. We worked with our pharmaceutical team to make Buoy flavorless in any drink.

Our ingredients


Sodium is one of three principle electrolytes and is crucial to delivering water to your body’s cells.


Potassium works wonders for your brain, muscles, nervous system, bones and heart.


Chloride is one of three principle electrolytes and plays a key role in keeping your fluids balanced.


Over 50% of Americans are magnesium deficient. Even with a healthy diet, you may
not be getting enough of it.

Vitamin B1

Every tissue in your body needs vitamin B1 to function.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is necessary for making blood cells, making it one of the most important
vitamins to sustain human life.

Vitamin B6

B6 is often lacking in the American diet.


Using acacia for medical purposes dates back centuries.

Star Anise

Star Anise helps fight free radicals and contains thymol, terpineol and anethole,
which are natural cold and flu fighters.


Commonly found in kitchens, rosemary is an ancient medicinal herb.

Blood Orange

One blood orange has the antioxidant

40 servings

Each 2-ounce Buoy squeeze bottle has 40 servings. Just a half-second squeeze per drink—careful not to squeeze it all in one place. We like squeezing into

Squeeze into everything

We like squeezing into iced coffee, pilsners, protein shakes, green goddess smoothies, California cabs, Diet Cokes and water (or as the French say, La Croix).

It’s easy-peasy hydration squeezy

  • Grab your drink.
  • Squeeze your Buoy for a half-second.That’s all it takes--don’t squeeze it all in one place.
  • Take your hydrating sip.
  • Repeat three to five times a day, every day.
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