People with chronic illnesses feel invisible.

Buoy’s first campaign starts with a short film spotlighting those fighting silent battles.
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From friends and family to healthcare professionals and even social media algorithms, chronic illnesses chronically go unseen and unheard.

We need your help.

Help us push the conversation around chronic illness culture to the front of our culture.

Stitch this video on TikTok with #ToBeSeen and share your story relating to an illness. If you don't have an illness, you can speak about the movement.

It's time for this community To Be Seen.

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Why Buoy?

Hydration supplements are one of the first things healthcare professionals recommend for managing chronic conditions.

Unfortunately, powders, tablets and sports drinks use dodgy ingredients that exacerbate health issues.


Found in: Gatorade, Liquid IV, Nuun

Not only does sugar cause inflammation and disease, it can also make you more dehydrated. Sugar intake can work against electrolyte function.


Found In: Ultima, LMNT, Nuun

Stevia was prohibited in consumer products until 1991 in the United States and 2018 in the European Union for its connections to gut inflammation, kidney disease and cancer. Sugar lobbyists paid to regulate it.


Found In: Gatorade, Liquid IV, Nuun

A simple sugar derived from corn, dextrose consumption causes fluid build up, spikes in blood pressure and excessive thirst.

Natural Flavors

Found In: Liquid IV, Nuun

The FDA allows any food additive originating in nature to be labeled as a Natural Flavor, meaning sketchy solvents and preservatives like BHA and propylene glycol are basically perfumes for your mouth. Vanilla and Strawberry originate from compounds in beaver anal and sexual glands.

Bad Form Factors

Liquid electrolytes are more bioavailable and faster absorbing than powders and tablets. Often times, electrolytes in powders and tablets get left behind in your cup and glass.

Artificial Ingredients

There’s a laundry list of ingredients from dyes, oils, chemical alternatives to electrolytes, blending and bleaching agents and artificial ingredients added in for taste that you can find in natural grocery markets.

"Doesn't hurt my stomach like the others"

- Paula Sojo, Crohn's & POTS

"Keeps this POTS girlie balanced"

- Ash Levi, POTS

"My blood sugar salutes Buoy"

- Dom Snyder, T1D & Ulcerative Colitis

"Electrolytes that don't hurt my tummy"

- Renee Welch, Crohn's

3 Ways Buoy Gives Back

Get Your Chronic Illness Discount

Get an additional 15% off Buoy's already discounted subscription plan if you have a chronic illnesses and you're looking for clean hydration.

Get Your Discount
Donations to Nonprofits

We donate for every bottle sold on our website to a verified 501(c)3 nonprofit supporting chronic illness communities. If you don’t have an illness, you can still support those who do.

Hydrate and Support
Chronic Illness Creators

For Summer 22, we’re investing only in creators with chronic conditions. These talented creators are often tokenized, unpaid and under-represented and it’s time they got their bag.

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Creating this campaign is the single most rewarding aspect of founding Buoy. I worked with four creators pushing our culture forward. I watched Stew Caldo and Apphia Castillo redefine brand storytelling with their creative firm Round Two Agency. And I finally celebrated Buoy and our founding team’s core value of giving back that’s been a north start for us since day one.

Sharing this campaign with friends, family and coworkers means the world to us and this community. Every voice counts.

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