5 Reasons Why You Need Buoy On Your Next Night Out

The hangover preventers that are taking social media by storm 🤯

1. It prevents hangovers 🍷

Add Buoy to the fun, you'll thank yourself the next day :) We’ll give your body everything it needs, when it needs it. Take it with you on a night out and squeeze it into at least 75% of your drinks (the more the better) to help minimize hangover symptoms.

2. It’s unflavored 😛

Ever had a supplement in your drink make it taste like you’re sucking on a lemon? I feel your pain. That’s why Buoy is virtually tasteless and flavorless in any drink - which leads me onto my next point…

3. It works in ANY drink 🍹

Taking supplements before drinking is too early, taking them after is too late. Luckily, Buoy is the only hydration supplement designed to be added to any drink so you can use them during your night out. So whether you’re out for cocktails or relaxing with some wine, just pinch a light drop. Easy squeezy!

4. No Sugar, No Sweeteners, No Calories ❌

That’s right. Most hydration products contain sweeteners like stevia and dextrose, or artificial ingredients like maltodextrin. Our drops contain 87 trace ionic minerals - so you get maximum hydration, without the added fluff.

5. Shipping is Free and Money Back Guaranteed! 🚚

Try Buoy risk-free. If you don’t love our drops after 30 days, we’ll refund you 100% no questions asked!


Buoy Hydration Drops

The ultimate hangover prevention supplement. Daily electrolytes, ionic trace minerals and essential B vitamins for deep hydration that blends with every beverage.

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