Daily Wellness Bundle – Retail


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Daily Wellness Bundle – Retail

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"The most energized I've ever felt"

Caleb E

"The drops are good but this salt is my absolute favorite"

Rory C

"Use salts in the morning before my workout"

Sophia E

Harvest the healing powers of the deep ocean.

Electrolytes, trace minerals and elements from the deep ocean and preserved in their naturally balanced and ionically charged ratios to deliver radiant health benefits.

🔋Stable Energy

Ionic ocean electrolytes and trace minerals for cellular hydration and natural energy.

🧠 Brain Function

Brain-activating minerals reduce brain fog and mental fatigue while boosting memory and focus.

😌 Gut Health

Fortify your gut lining with 87 ionic trace minerals that balance the microbiome and enhance your gut’s inflammation response.

⭐️ Radiant Skin

Restore beautifying electrolytes and minerals that support supple skin and skin elasticity.

The easiest way to get your electrolytes and minerals in

Enhance Any Drink

Add Hydration Drops and Rescue Salt to any drink for fast-acting electrolyte and mineral replenishment.

Add To Food

Use Rescue Salt as a delicious electrolyte and mineral topping on any meal.

Dissolve On Tongue

Rescue Salt dissolves directly on your tongue for fast-acting replenishment.

A better way to feel better

Unlock the ocean's benefits by making it your habit. Try your new wellness ritual risk free.


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