Buoy + Energy

Easy Squeezy Energy — A healthy, jitter-free alternative to coffee & energy drinks! All the hydrating power of our Hydration Boost + natural caffeine from green tea leaf + L-theanine to reduce anxiety & enhance focus.

With 30mg of naturally clean caffeine in every serving, every bottle has the caffeine equivalent of over 13 coffees.

Made with only clean ingredients 🌱 in the USA: trace mineral & micronutrient-dense electrolytes + all-natural B vitamins + organic herbal extracts.

  • 40 servings  week's supply
  • 0 sugar. 0 calories. 👩🏽‍⚕️
  • The hydration of 13 sports drinks  💦
  • Naturally energizing power for any drink  ⚡️
  • You buy one, we give one 🤝
  • Carbon neutral + no new plastics 🌎
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We’re fed up with artificial ingredients and high sugar counts

Traditional hydration products add artificial flavoring and an ice cream scoop’s worth of sugar to offset the naturally salty taste of electrolytes.

We worked with a pharmaceutical expert to make all of Buoy's hydration-based wellness blends squeezable in any kind of drink without compromising taste, and without adding any sugar, stevia, or artificial ingredients.

40 servings per bottle

Each 2-ounce easy squeezy bottle has 40 servings.

Use a half-second squeeze per drink—careful not to squeeze it all in one place!

Squeeze into everything

Yes, you can squeeze it into water... but you can also squeeze it into other stuff!

Personally, we think Buoy is better in drinks that already have a flavor. We like squeezing into:

- iced coffee

- pilsners

- protein shakes

- green goddess smoothies

- california cabs

- diet sodas

- water (or as the French say, La Croix).

How to squeeze

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