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What if your next product is more than just a new flavor?

  • Add our proprietary blend of flavorless electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants to anything.
    • With 75% of Americans being chronically dehydrated, almost everyone could use more electrolytes. Stand out with health and wellness without changing your taste.

Buy one, give one. That’s our business model.

For some, drinking more clean water isn’t an option. For others, staying hydrated is a chronic health concern.

  • That’s why we donate one bottle for every bottle sold on our website to nonprofits and organizations that need hydration most.

Backed by an all-encompassing medical community

  • We’ve partnered with health professionals from both western and eastern approaches to medicine to weave world-class hydration into their practice.

Meet the everyday people that inspire us

From professional athletes to everyday people, Buoy brand ambassadors seamlessly weave hydration into their lifestyle.

  • You have to admit, they make squeezing their Buoy look fun!

Hydration and productivity at work go hand-in-hand

  • Hydrated students outscored their dried out counterparts by an average of 5% in universities in East London and West Minster. Get the same flavorless hydration formula you love, but made to share. Make it at home, at the office or at your tailgate.
  • Just add water. Or lemonade. Or beer.

Give your partners a health-promoting, flavorless option in their next product

  • For companies helping other companies make their drinks taste great, offering Buoy is an easy way to add electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants into drinks without changing the taste or sugar and calorie count. We partner with companies that share our values of quality ingredients and transparency like Beck Flavors, Allen Flavors and Applied Foods.

Make your own easy squeezy product

  • Want to sell Buoy’s flavorless hydration formula with your own brand? Just think Buoy needs a makeover?
  • White-labeling with us is easy.
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