Cannabidiol (CBD)



Colorado, USA
Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
Hemp is grown all around the world but we source ours from an organic grower in the U.S.

Fast Fact


Over 70% of hemp comes from China and most of the remaining 30% also comes from questionable sources. Many CBD suppliers, even most in the U.S, mix unnecessary additives to their CBD such as Maltodextrin. Sometimes you will see this listed on the final product label, sometimes it is hidden. We searched everywhere until we found an organic source of hemp-based CBD that is mixed with organic tapioca instead of Maltodextrin/other artificial additives.



We can't legally talk about the benefits of CBD on our website but we believe it has some special benefits that you can read about elsewhere.

Why ours is the best

Our CBD is blended with organic tapioca - not maltodextrin or other artificial fillers commonly mixed with CBD.

Our CBD is from organic regenerative hemp plants grown in Colorado.

Our CBD is rich in cannabinoids, terpenoids and essential fatty acids.

Our CBD is has a much higher bioavailability than a raw isolate or oil, due to ionizing the molecular size, allowing for complete water solubility and rapid absorption in the GI tract.*

Our CBD is not extracted using petroleum based synthetic solvents or harsh chemicals (which unfortunately is an industry standard right now). This allows us to maintain an organic CBD that has not been damaged by solvents or preservatives.

Our CBD is manufactured in small batches which allows for higher quality control.

Our CBD is third-party lab tested and verified so we can be sure it meets our quality standards.

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