3 Out of 4 Americans are Dehydrated

From our perspective, that’s a problem. A preventable one.

3 Out of 4 Americans are Dehydrated

From our perspective, that’s a problem. A preventable one.

Chronic dehydration has some serious negative effects on your brain and body

Initial symptoms are hard to notice and can easily be attributed to just “feeling off”.
If you’ve been dehydrated too long, “feeling off” can start to feel normal.

Brain Fog
Energy Crashes
⬆︎ Recovery
Dry Mouth
Bad Breath
Dry Skin
⬆︎ Heart Rate
Brain Fog
Energy Crashes
⬆︎ Recovery
Dry Mouth
Bad Breath
Dry Skin
⬆︎ Heart Rate

Even the healthiest people show mood changes when mildly dehydrated

In men, dehydration promotes feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

In women, sluggishness and brain fog are more common.

Losing as little as 2% of fluids can significantly impair physical and mental performance. When you exercise, you lose 6-10%.

At universities in East London and Westminster, students who hydrated while taking an exam improved their scores by 5% over their dried-out classmates.

Electrolytes are vital for hydration

Specifically sodium, chloride and potassium
They play a crucial role in delivering water to your body’s cells. If you’re not regularly getting enough of them in your diet, the water you’re drinking isn’t efficiently used, risking your chance of dehydration. You need electrolytes to balance your body’s fluids, maintain pH levels in your blood and regulate your nervous system. When your fluids aren’t balanced, you’re either losing more water than your body can take in (dehydration) or consuming more water than your body can get rid of (hypervolemia). Both are bad.

In almost all cases of dehydration, low levels of sodium and potassium are present.
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We lose electrolytes from basically existing

Working out, commuting, drinking coffee, happy hours, being outside when it’s hot and even sleeping.
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85% of an average American’s salt intake comes from nutrient sparse sources like table salt and salt added into processed foods.

Unfortunately, getting enough quality electrolytes in your diet isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, either.

Manufacturers inject anti-caking agents that often include fluoride and monosodium glutamate (MSG) to keep the table salt from clumping and bleaching compounds to make it white.

What ends up in your mouth is an industrial smorgasbord of sodium chloride and chemicals with little health-promoting ingredients or benefits.

Are you one of the majority of Americans getting their sodium from less than ideal sources?

Natural salts like Buoy’s low sodium sea salt is loaded with 87 micronutrients and trace minerals that work wonders for your brain and body.

Need a better reason to start squeezing?

Because it’s not modified or processed, with every squeeze you’re getting all those beneficial nutrients that help preserve a healthy pH, balance electrolytes, support brain, muscle and nervous function, aid in detoxification and digestion and, obviously, prevent dehydration.

Some research suggests these minerals can even boost gallbladder and kidney function as well as libido.

Skip worrying about the label and start squeezing

We spent years with our pharmaceutical scientist, Dr. Lianli Li coming up with a way to add clean, effective hydration into any drink.

We modeled Buoy off of the World Health Organization’s formula for Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) so you can get world-class hydration in one squeeze.

We source the best ingredients

We pack the cleanest ingredients from across the world into our easy squeezy bottles. No fillers. No artificial ingredients.

Most hydrating drinks just focus on the three principle electrolytes sodium, chloride and potassium. Buoy's formula includes all of these electrolytes plus the often overlooked but very important electrolyte, Magnesium.

Magnesium, a key electrolyte that nearly 50% of Americans are deficient in, is often overlooked

It’s necessary for optimal hydration and we made sure you get all that you need with every squeeze of Buoy.

It promotes the intracellular transport of sodium and potassium throughout your cells. In other words, you need it to get the most out of the sodium and potassium in your body.

Most of your body’s energy comes from adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical that captures energy from the food you eat. You need a steady amount of magnesium in your diet to produce these zippy ATP molecules.

With Buoy, one small squeezy bottle has the hydration of 13 sports drinks

Unlike traditional sports drinks, Buoy doesn't contain any of the sugar, calories or artificial ingredients.

Now, you can turn any drink into a "sports drink", without feeling guilty about drinking the same amount of sugar as a pint of ice cream.

If you’re considering other hydration supplements, make sure you’re comfortable with everything in their formula

Even the popular hydration supplements advertised on leading podcasts and found in large retailers claim to be clean; we tested and they’re not.

Silicon dioxide, maltodextrin and stevia are among the most green washed ingredients in the hydration supplement space. Other popular options list table salt as ‘mined’ salt. Get comfortable with the ingredients before getting comfortable with a product.

When you hydrate matters as much as what you hydrate with

Hydration is a rabbit’s race. Slow and steady wins.
Most hydration products overload your body with nutrients and electrolytes in a single serving. If you consume a day’s worth of hydration at once, your body passes most of it before it can be used.

• That’s why other hydration alternatives like powders, dissolving tablets and pills aren’t as effective as they promise
• In some cases, consuming too many electrolytes, specifically potassium, can be dangerous
• Even if you consumed the whole bottle in a day, you don’t have to worry about having too much at one time
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We designed Buoy for safe, daily hydration

Make any drink more hydrating with one half-second squeeze.
• Squeeze three to five times a day, every day.
• With 40 servings in every bottle, Buoy will keep you hydrated all week long.

Hydration is a half-second squeeze away

Use Buoy to hydrate even when you’re not drinking water.
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