How to
your Buoy

Buoy is a hydration boost you can squeeze into ANY drink, not just water! Hydrating has never been squeezy-er!

Here are four easy steps to get the perfect squeeze.

Step 1

Grab your drink

Buoy’s proprietary hydration formula can be squeezed into any type of drink without compromising its taste. That means that you can squeeze it into literally any drink of your choosing… go ahead, get creative with it!

Step 2

Take aim

Target the liquid in your drink… not the rim, not the side, not the eyes of the person standing next to you. You’d be surprised how many people miss their actual drink.

Step 3

1/2 sec. squeeze

If you squeeze more by mistake, it’s okay - Buoy is safe for all-day use. The more you squeeze, the more electrolytes you’ll taste - find a balance that works for you.

Pro-Tip: A half-second is about the same amount of time it takes to say “Buoy” out loud!

Step 4


Congrats, you did it! Now that your drink is more hydrating, knock it back and be proud that you’re doing something to improve your health and wellness.

Pro-Tip: For minimal taste, finish your drink within an hour!

Hydrating with Buoy:

Squeeze 3-5 times a day, every day.

There’s 40 servings in each bottle

Don't squeeze is all in one place

For proper hydration, add a half-second squeeze into at least four drinks throughout your day, everyday. Try to space them out throughout the day to maintain a consistent electrolyte balance.

If you squeeze more by mistake, it’s okay. Our active customers actually squeeze multiple servings per drink to replenish the electrolytes they’re losing. We designed Buoy to be safe for consistent all day use. The more you squeeze, the more electrolytes you will taste - so find the balance that works for you.

There are a bevy of beverages waiting to be Buoyed

Buoy is better in drinks that already have a flavor. Get adventurous.

We like squeezing into cold brew, pilsners, protein shakes, green smoothies, California cabs, tea, diet soda, and sparkling water (or as they say in French, “La Croix”). Even soup. Yep. Soup.

So, for those who don’t like water or those that don’t drink enough of it, you’ve got a new friend.

Meant to be added
into drinks, not your

Trust us, don’t.
We know you might want to try Buoy on its own, without your drink. And we’re here to tell you, don’t. Buoy is a concentrated water-soluble hydration formula made of electrolytes, B vitamins, and antioxidants. So, without anything to mix it with it’s going to be… intense.

We know that probably made you want to try it even more so, we’ll do it for you.

And for those still not giving up, we’ll just do it with you—pucker up!

Joshua S.

Hydration in the palm of your hand

Skeptical of products like these, I tried it and was blown away. Buoy makes a night out on the town less painful, a hot day more tolerable, and overall hydration easily obtainable...

Mindy K.

Amazing Little Bottle

I was searching for an electrolyte option with no added dyes or sugar and was so excited to find this. I use it before, after, and during runs in the heat. I've also been adding it to my daughter's water for soccer practices...

Janine K.

Game changer

...I simply squirt a little into my drink and I’m more hydrated than ever. All in all, the product goes to show how a little squirt from a small package can go a long way.

Kayla R.

Buoy is the best.

Not only is the product itself great, but it comes in a handy little package so it’s easy to throw in your running pack or a bag for on-the-go use!


Easy way to stay hydrated

...It's easy to carry around and I can feel a difference in my energy throughout the day. Even better, adding some to my adult beverages has helped with the hangover the next day. Definitely would recommend!

Kayla H.

Do yourself a favor!

...The ease of use is my biggest draw factor. I notice a difference when I DON'T use it regularly now, that says something about the quality! Try it!


Small and lightweight enough to carry around!!

...It's so easy and lightweight. Great to grab with you and put it in your purse for everyday use. Definitely already seeing a difference in the couple of days that I have had it. Definitely recommend!

Florian S.

Super convenient and effective!

Love the product - I've been adding it to all sorts of drinks, especially my teas and lemonades. definitely helpful for workouts, hiking, etc. or just everyday hydration needs…

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