119,000 servings of Buoy donated and counting.

Thanks for giving back.

Without people squeezing their Buoy, donating clean and, efficient hydration to our partnering organizations wouldn’t be possible.

  • When you stay hydrated with Buoy, everyone in need can too. From the bottom of our partners’ and our hearts, thank you.

COVID-19 First Responders

There’s a lot we don’t know about the novel coronavirus. But what we do--staying hydrated keeps your immune system strong. We sent over 1,200 bottles to the front lines in St. Louis to help keep first responders hydrated. After our next production run, more is on the way.

Piper’s Angels

A cystic fibrosis organization fighting for cystic fibrosis families. We donated to the near 400 athletes who paddled 80 miles from the Bahamas to Palm Beach County in Florida to $282,500 and create an award-winning documentary called “Crossing for a Cure”.


Habilitat is a long term addiction treatment center in Hawaii where residents learn independence through structured work and healthy living. We help them stay hydrated while working in the Hawaii sun.

Ben Bolt, Texas Fire Department

When we found out a firefighter was excited to win a pack of Buoy at the department’s raffle, we decided to thank the whole unit with Buoy.

Ghost Riders Youth Football

We’re helping middle and high school students beat the Miami summer heat while playing flag football. They approached us because they didn’t like the sticky, sugary taste other hydration products left in their mouth.

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