5 Reasons Why Buoy Can Help Your Chronic Illness

The brand that hears, sees, and supports you 💜

1. We Designed It For You 💙 

People diagnosed with chronic illnesses need clean, effective hydration. Unlike other options, Buoy's zero tolerance for sugar, calories, artificial ingredients and sweeteners make it a great option for day to day management of living with POTS, CF, autoimmune disorders and more.

2. Liquid is Better 💧

Our liquid electrolytes are more bioavailable and fast-absorbing than traditional powders and tablets - not to mention, easier on your stomach and digestive system. Everybody loves a happy belly!

3. Works in ANY drink 🥃

Buoy is the only hydration supplement designed to be added to any drink - so you can stay hydrated without having to change your lifestyle. Add it to your shakes, coffees, smoothies or bedtime tea…and the best part is it’s virtually flavorless! Easy squeezy.

4. Science-Backed 🧬

We care about what you’re putting in your body, which is why we test for impurities like toxins, microbes, metals, allergens and other sneaky contaminants. Buoy has optimized ratios of electrolytes and trace minerals backed by our trusted board of health professionals.

5. We Made a Film About You 🎬

It's our mission to give a voice to the silent sufferers. That's why our first ever campaign isn’t about us, it’s about YOUR story. Find out what it means #ToBeSeen here.


Buoy Hydration Drops

The hydration supplement to help you manage your chronic illness. Daily electrolytes, ionic trace minerals and essential B vitamins for deep hydration that blends with every beverage.

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